• A Lighthouse Executive Event Series on

    Blockchain, Distributed Ledgers and Smart Contracts

    and Their Impact on Real Business Processes




  • The Plan For 2017

    Two Opportunities to Engage on Blockchain Technology ...

    Blockchain in the IT Enterprise - Summer and Onwards - Webinar Series

    During the summer of 2017, The Blockchain Conference will go online and global to focus on blockchain deployment and integration within enterprise data centers, powering production pilots of business blockchain applications. Think blockchain meets hybrid cloud and containers, micro-services and serverless architectures, DevOps approaches. data and transaction integration middleware and big data platforms, Cyber security frameworks too.

    Blockchain for Wall Street - November 14 - New York City

    Once again, The Blockchain Conference will partner with the Wall Street Blockchain Alliance to host a day focused on distributed ledger innovation in the financial markets. More information at www.blockchainforwallstreet.com.

  • Blockchain in the IT Enterprise Webinar Series

    Blockchain as an Enterprise Technology Powering Real Business.

    Why a Webinar Series?

    Blockchain is a global industry and those leading its evolution from PoC to pilots and full production can be found in Silicon Valley, New York City, London, Switzerland, China, Singapore and Australia. And all points in between. Rather than settle on an arbitrary host city, we think that webinars are the way to go in order to get maximum engagement.


    A series of webinars makes sense too - beginning with some broader themes at introductory level and then following up with deeper dives based on feedback from our audience.

    Blockchain is Enterprise IT

    As companies move from proof-of-concepts to pilots of blockchain and distributed ledger-based applications, corporate IT best practices, approaches and standards - as well as people - will play a vital role in ensuring the success of those pilots and the more widespread enterprise deployment of these technologies.


    While PoCs can be rapidly spun up on public cloud platforms by innovation lab developers looking to test discrete functionality and user interfaces, pilots will need to run in corporate datacenter environments where application manageability, scalability and security are paramount. Integration with existing enterprise applications, database and middleware platforms, as well as with private and hybrid cloud offerings will be key, while container technologies and DevOps principles and best practices will likely be applied. Architectures like micro-services and serverless will also be highly relevant.


    Essentially, when it underpins mainstream business applications, blockchain technology will need to function just like other enterprise IT. Operations professionals will consider it no differently to the operating system, database and middleware systems that they also manage, often on a 24/7 basis. The webinar series will focus on blockchain as enterprise IT, and how companies and vendors need to address this reality.

    Blockchain Powers Real Business Applications

    Blockchain, distributed ledger and smart contract technology will underpin new applications across a number of business verticals and lines of business. The webinar series will highlight a number of these areas where these technologies are demonstrating the potential for benefit and change. Expect to hear about e-government, finance, healthcare and supply chain applications, as well as blockchain-enabled identity, document management and security use cases.

  • San Francisco 2016 Debut Conference - Media Coverage

    The Debut Conference in February 2016 Generated a Lot of Buzz. Here are some of the Highlights.

    IBM Director Declares 'We're All in on Blockchain'

    Read an account of John Wolpert's keynote presentation - on CoinDesk.

    theCube Reported From the Conference

    Check out theCube for video interviews with Pete Harris (Lighthouse Partners & Conference Chair), John Wolpert (IBM), Bruce Pon (Ascribe) and Dustin Byington (Tendermint).

    The Block Chain Conference: Highlights

    Ripple covered the conference on its Insights blog.

    The Block Chain Conference brings finance industry and blockchain companies together

    A review of the conference from Brave New Coin.

    Blockchain Conference SF Highlights Need for Blockchain Finance Industry Standard

    Read a review of the finance aspects of the conference at CHAIN-FINANCE.

    The blockchain: A new tech and finance tango

    Check out this interview with conference chair Pete Harris on SiliconANGLE.

    Highlights of The Block Chain Conference

    The Enlucem blog gave its account of the conference highlights here

  • About Lighthouse Partners

    About the Organizer ...

    Taking Transformative Technologies to Market

    Lighthouse Partners, Inc. is an Austin, TX-based business and technology consulting firm providing business acceleration services related to transformative enterprise technologies, with specific focuses on go-to-market and growth strategies involving partnerships, thought leadership creation and events.


    Lighthouse's current primary focus is on blockchain, distributed ledger and smart contract technology as it relates to the enterprise software stack that will enable production rollouts.


    For more information on Lighthouse, check out www.lighthouse-partners.com.


    Follow Lighthouse on Twitter @peteharrislp.

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