• Lighthouse Partners via its The Blockchain Conference Division

    Produces Executive Events Focused on

    Blockchain, Distributed Ledgers and Smart Contracts

    and Their Impact on Real Business Processes




  • The 2018/2019 Program

    A Focus on Blockchain in Austin and Texas

    Austin Blockchain Collective Activities

    Blockchain innovation is exploding in Austin, TX. The Austin Blockchain Collective was launched at the international SXSW conference to advocate for and showcase blockchain and crypto companies operating there.


    Lighthouse Partners is leading the Collective, and via its The Blockchain Conference division is supporting live events of many types, including:


    * The Austin Blockchain Month series of events (or 'unconference') in October

    * Austin Blockchain Collective Town Hall meetings

    * Official Austin Blockchain Collective monthly meetups

    * Special events for Patrons of the Austin Blockchain Collective


    Looking beyond Austin to encompass blockchain innovation in other Texas Triangle centers, including Dallas, Houston and San Antonio, the Collective plans to run a major conference in the Spring of 2019.


    Find out more @ www.austinblockchaincollective.com.

  • Past Events ...

    Three Hits and Counting ...

    During 2016 and 2017, The Blockchain Conference division of Lighthouse Partners produced three world-class executive events, each of which highlighting the promise of blockchain, distributed ledger and smart contracts technologies as a platform for the future of business while also pointing to the realities and challenges of rolling out this transformational technology.

    Blockchain for Wall Street 2017

    Once again, The Blockchain Conference worked with the Wall Street Blockchain Alliance to produce the event, which was focused on the realities of moving from proof-of-concepts to production pilots.


    Nearly 300 financial markets and blockchain executives attended and learned from a 40-strong "Blockchain Brains Trust" drawn from the leading experts and thought leaders.


    Click here for a glimpse into the day.

    Blockchain for Wall Street 2016

    The debut Blockchain for Wall Street event in November 2016 was a collaboration with the Wall Street Blockchain Alliance, a non-profit trade association.


    The day focused on the future potential for blockchain technologies when applied to financial markets applications and challenges associated with implementation.


    For a retrospective of the day, click here.

    The Blockchain Conference 2016

    The debut - eponymous - The Blockchain Conference took place in February 2016 and is widely regarded as the very first business-oriented and professional-standard blockchain conference ever produced.


    Keynoting the day was John Wolpert, then IBM's first global blockchain offering manager. It was the first time that IBM commented in a public forum about its interest in blockchain technology, even preceding its membership of the Linux Foundation's Hyperledger initiative.


    Click here for a recap of the day.

  • About Lighthouse Partners

    About the Organizer ...

    Taking Transformative Technologies to Market

    Lighthouse Partners, Inc. is an Austin, TX-based business and technology consulting firm providing business acceleration services related to transformative enterprise technologies, with specific focuses on go-to-market and growth strategies involving vertical markets, partnerships, thought leadership creation and events.


    Lighthouse's current focuses are on blockchain, distributed ledger and smart contract technologies and their symbiotic relationship to AI, IoT and edge computing. Combined, these approaches are set to disrupt existing businesses and create new global-scale opportunities. Lighthouse is also exploring early business applications of quantum computing.


    The Blockchain Conference is Lighthouse's executive events division and manages all physical gatherings hosted or produced by Lighthouse.


    For more information on Lighthouse, check out www.lighthouse-partners.com.


    Follow Lighthouse on Twitter @peteharrislp.

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